An unforgettable Journey across the USA

September 25-November 15, 2020

52 Days

10,512 Miles

31 States

23 hotels or VRBO’s

19 National Parks

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Someone anonymous said this once and this statement is truly the backbone of why my girls and I (and Gregory for 2 weeks) took this unforgettable journey. You may remember from our Home page that Covid and multiple deaths close to us triggered our desire to not let whatever time we have in this life escape us but to capitalize on the time and opportunity we do have and LIVE. A big part of “living” for us is traveling. Experiencing through all of our senses things we have never experienced before. Seeing the beauty that places other than home have for us. Maybe this isn’t your idea of living. We want to tell you that if it isn’t, that is ok. What is your idea of living? Please don’t sit on the couch and watch life pass you by. Identify those things you want to do and experience in life and MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.


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