Death Valley National Park, CA

October 27 – November 1, 2020

3.4 million acres of sand, dirt and rocks. This is literally all you see in Death Valley. Who knew that these could be so beautiful. With an average rainfall of 1 1/2 inches per year, you just don’t see anything green around unless you stay where we did at the Oasis Resort. A resort 190 feet below sea level craved out in the valley that is kept green by the planting of trees and grass and watered by a natural spring. October was a perfect time to be here. The morning temperatures were about 57 with a high of 90 during the day. Still warm during the day but “it is a dry heat”. After being here in the fall I truly can’t understand why anyone would come here in the summer. Yet, the locals tell me summer is still the most popular season. I love the heat, but I don’t want to experience 138 degrees.

We were very happy to learn that while all the other national parks stop their horse riding trips in Sept, Death Valley starts their rides in October. It felt like home (sort of) being able to ride a horse. We did a sunset ride and moonlight right while here. All of our hiking was done in the morning when temperatures were cooler. The afternoons were often spent by the pool at the resort.


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