Redwood National and State Park, CA

October 15-17, 2020

Although we felt very small among these tall giants, we found the forest where they grow to be serene. There was a calm and peace in their company like we were being guarded by their mere presence. When we weren’t among the trees we were enjoying the scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. The weather was a mild 60-70 degrees and we gladly discarded the sweatshirts and jackets we had been wearing for weeks. We stayed in a small one bedroom cabin nestled among the trees that was less than one mile from Patrick’s Point State Park (Humboldt County) where there was a trail with overlooks of the Pacific and a path down to the beach. It was here I decided it was time for me to run again after 10 weeks off and foot surgery. The weather, the trail and the views were just too perfect to pass up. So for the first time on our trip Avery and I got a run in. I have definitely lost fitness but afterwards I felt whole again only as a runner who hasn’t been able to run can understand. We are still in CA but we have left behind the shade of these giants. Visit here if you can, they are a sight to behold.


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