Mt. Rainier, WA

October 12-14, 2020

You have heard it before, it rains a lot in Washington State. This is no joke. We were all across the state for more than a week and it rained 90% of the time. It is a beautiful state. I am sure all the rain contributes to it being so beautiful. Mt. Rainier was our last stop in Washington. I had been looking forward to this stop because I am very seriously considering climbing this mountain in the fall of 2021. Therefore, I wanted to lay eyes on it in person beforehand. This almost didn’t happen except by sheer luck the day we arrived it was sunny and beautiful. We took advantage of it and headed out to the park right away. Good thing we did because day 2 here was a bust. More rain and thick fog that completely obstructed the views. The trip was not a complete failure. Arrival day, we drove much of the main park road for scenic views and we hiked the Comet Falls trail. this was a gorgeous hike that ended with a view of the 300 ft. tall Comet waterfall. Completely stunning and worth the strenuous hike. Day 2 we had planned to hike the 5.5 mile Skyline trail that would have given us amazing views of Mt. Rainier on a clear day but as mentioned the weather had other ideas. We did drive up to the trailhead to check out the conditions ourselves (we have learned that sometimes elevation can get you above cloud cover and you can still get a view sometime) but the fog was very thick. So we headed back to the Nisqually Lodge where I put my feet up by the fire.

Hiking can really make you hungry. Areas around national parks can be very secluded with little in the way of food options, particularly in the off season. However, we found the cutest and most delicious place to eat called the Copper Creek Inn and Restaurant just a few miles outside the park entrance. When I went to the bathroom and could see into the kitchen where they had rows of homemade blackberry pies being made, I knew what I was having for dessert. Now, I am not much of a pie eater, so for me to tell you how amazing this pie was is saying a lot. Let’s just say I wish I could go back and get a piece right now (see photo for deliciousness). If you are ever in the area, don’t miss the opportunity.


One thought on “Mt. Rainier, WA

  1. I have enjoyed following your trip and all the posts and pics. I love nothing more than travel, especially with my daughter. Y’all have a wonderful rest of your trip!


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