Acadia National Park, Maine

September 1-5, 2020

In Acadia we stayed in our own little cottage at Acadia Cottages. The hiking in Acadia was amazing. The Beehive trail was our first hike and it included us scaling up ladder rungs while suspended on the side of a cliff. The views at the top were worth it. We walked the Jordan Pond loop for an easier journey but nice views of Jordan Pond for picture taking. Acadia Mountain was a great hike through the trees with an amazing view from the top. We also visited Sand Beach but the water was just too cold for us Southerners. The highlight of our trip was watching the sunrise from atop Cadillac Mountain. This is the first place in the US that the sun hits for most of the year. This required a 4:30AM departure but entirely worth it. The same day we watched the sunrise, we watched the sunset at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Each evening we enjoyed dinner and some shopping in Bah-hahbah (Bar Harbor). I even sampled the lobster ice cream with real chunks of lobster in a vanilla ice cream. From now on I will keep my lobster and ice cream separate. Speaking of lobstah! Amazing and fresh! Before leaving, I bought fresh lobster to take home for a lobstah party with friends back home.


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